Upgraded Health and Safety Guidelines Implemented

Premier Corporate Jet announced Friday that in conjunction with its fleet and all the major carriers it utilizes for charters, that the following additional guidelines will go into effect immediately:

  • High grade multi purpose cleaners & disinfectant wipes will continue to be used to completely wipe down aircraft interiors before & after each flight, including tray tables, window shades, armrests, lavatories, galleys and all touchable surfaces. Antimicrobial treatments such as ClearCabin and surface disinfectant Bacoban are used daily in aircraft interiors to provide long term protection from viruses, mold and other microorganisms.
  • At any time, if it is determined that anyone who may have traveled on board one of our aircraft may have potentially been carrying COVID19, then that aircraft will be pulled from service and totally evaluated for cleanliness & if needed thoroughly disinfected.
  • Pilots & crew are required to wear masks & gloves during flight and with any interaction with passengers both inside & outside of the aircraft. Additionally, all Pilots & crew are required to have their health and temperatures monitored before each flight, and can only report for duty if they are symptom-free. If any Pilot or Crew member interacts with someone carrying COVID19, they will be required to quarantine for 14 days before returning to duty.
  • Passengers are required to provide Premier Corporate Jet with a Health Declaration Form which will be provided to them upon signing a charter contract . It must be returned within 48 hours of the scheduled departure date of the trip. The form essentially verifies the wellness and travel activity of each passenger and must be signed.
  • All aircraft are stocked with personal protective equipment and hand sanitizer for each passenger.
  • All catering that is delivered to the FBO and brought on board the aircraft must be pre-packaged & sealed to avoid any exposure.
  • All preferred FBO terminals used by Premier Corporate Jet have been reconfigured to allow for social distancing and have implemented very strict cleaning procedures.

Premier Corporate Jet is totally committed to servicing all of our clients needs for private air travel during this unprecedented time. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing unparalleled aviation services, we have implemented the above additional measures to insure the safety & peace of mind of our passengers by elevating our health and safety standards.

We look forward to speaking with you for your next charter flight or any travel related questions you may have. Please call us anytime at 631.488.7772 or visit our website: HamptonsPremierCharter.com

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