Challenger 300 Jet Flying Over Manhattan, NY

Get Ready for Summer with the Lowest Non-Stop Rates to and from California and New York City

Premier Corporate Jet announced today the lowest non-stop rates to and from California and New York City.

Frequent flyers can now commute between coasts in safety and comfort with the lowest rates offered, especially during the busy summer months season.

Clients can take the opportunity to fly privately without all the commercial airport crowds and hassles; with a schedule that can be tailor made for their business, group or family needs.

All of our aircraft are submitted to strict cleaning codes after each charter, as well as strict health guidelines with all pilots and crew on a daily basis.

Service for these runs will be on Challenger 300 super mid aircraft that can accommodate up to 8 passengers. Based upon aircraft availability and customer flexibility on dates needed, with a minimum of one week advance booking, the following rates*** for non stop flights will apply as detailed below:

Teterboro-San Fran – $19,995, San Fran-Teterboro- $20,110
Teterboro- Van Nuys -$20,810 Van Nuys-Teterboro- $20,450

For complete details on your personal itinerary, please call us directly at 631.488.7772, request a quote, or by email: precoa@aol.com

Our professional charter agents are available daily to service your individual travel needs and answer all questions you may have no matter what domestic or international destination you have in mind.

Premier Corporate Jet looks forward to working with you soon on all your upcoming & future travel needs.

(**NOTE***- where applicable, fuel surcharges, taxes, catering, ground transport, commissions & special requests not included)

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