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How To Charter A Plane

If you want to know how to charter a plane and have never done it before it may seem like a difficult task.  With the right information and a little organization it doesn’t have to be very challenging and can be surprisingly easy and fun.  To charter a plane, a prospective consumer should use  the following tips in their endeavor:

How To Charter A Plane Tips  How To Charter A Plane

1. Select an approximate date & time you want to leave and determine the total number of passengers  in your group.

2. Research out local private airports in your respective geographical area. Most often, they are much nearer than commercially based airports and less costly in landing and handling fees.

3. Through the Internet and/or personal referrals from friends/colleagues, contact a reputable private carrier or broker, and detail out your needed itinerary. In contacting a quality broker, you can better take advantage of special contract discounts they can offer you thru their volume bookings.

4. A reputable broker will meet with you personally and review the availability and pricing of applicable aircraft that meet your needs and budget.

5. Once an aircraft has been selected and pricing agreed upon, a Charter Agreement between the client and carrier/broker has to be signed by both parties. In it, all terms are clearly detailed, including; flight charges, landing fees, crew accommodation fees; approximate fuel surcharges, international arrival & handling fees; flight attendant costs; approximate federal & state taxes and any other specific amenities requested by the client.

6. The Charter Agreement will also set forth specific terms and conditions involving cancellation policies and time limits thereto, in addition to extra costs for aircraft wait time (if applicable) or diversion of the aircraft, not detailed out in the original itinerary and Charter Agreement.

7. The Charter Agreement must be signed by the individual client and/or an authorized representative of the  corporate entity chartering the aircraft, and must be guaranteed by a valid credit card.

8. Under no circumstances should any consumer give out any credit card information to any private carrier or broker, without having a valid Charter Agreement in hand.

9. Once the charter is completed an invoice would be issued for all agreed upon charges in the Charter Agreement, in addition to any additional requests or charges incurred after the trip was started.

10. Most carriers/brokers issue a final invoice with 10 days of the completion of the charter, with all charges billed to the credit card used to guarantee the trip, or by certified check or direct wired funds.

By following the above guidelines, a savvy consumer can be confident that they will have the fundamental knowledge of how to charter a plane before speaking with any private carrier or broker.

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