Hawker 400 Airplane Flying

1. From where & what cities can I depart?

All private aircraft depart from secured private aviation terminals located at major cities and/or nearby private regional airports. Clients and their guests depart from private terminals ( not commercial ), details of which would be provided to them by Premier Corporate Jet, including full terminal address, telephone contact, & directions as needed. Most of these terminals provide first class services including lounges, complimentary snacks, car rentals, limo services, and concierge services for hotels if needed.

2. What documents do I need with me?

Clients and their guests are solely responsible for having in their possession all required documents for flights, including passports, visas, drivers license and any additional documents requested by Premier. The client and their guests must display their respective photographic ID to the PILOT in command of the chartered aircraft prior to each flight. If passengers are minors, proper documentation will be required in advance for proof of custody while in travel. These are strict TSA & FAA regulations and there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

3. What are luggage policies?

Depending upon size of aircraft and total number of passengers traveling, usually two suitcases per passenger allowed with a maximum of 50 lbs each. Carry on luggage such as briefcases, handbags, laptops, gift bags etc are usually limited to approximately 75 lbs per passenger, again depending upon the size of the aircraft chartered.

4. How do I know which size aircraft to charter?

It would all depend upon your itinerary including departure and destination cities and total number of passengers traveling. For example, a NON STOP charter between New York and Los Angeles, the ideal aircraft for this run at a reasonable cost would be a Challenger 300, that seats 8 comfortably. Premier Corporate Jet is contracted with various domestic and international Platinum ARGUS carriers that maintain fleets of Gulfstream, Challenger, Hawker, Falcon, Citation & Lear jets, among many others. Smaller turbo prop & single engine aircraft are also available for short haul charters.

5. How can I be assured of Safety & Crew requirements?

Premier Corporate Jet maintains the highest levels of safety standards with all crews and aircraft contracted in meeting or exceeding FAA and airline requirements and rules. All aircraft, crews and flight operations managers used, must maintain full Platinum ratings by ARGUS and WYVERN. These are exclusive independent rating systems for aircraft and crews used for all carriers including: current aircraft, pilot background checks, carrier maintenance & safety ratings, and on site safety audits. At Premier Corporate Jet there are never exceptions to these standards and we continue to pride ourselves with an ongoing quality service record with carriers for the last 20 years.

6. What happens if there are weather or mechanical issues?

In the unlikely event a designated aircraft cannot take off from a departure and/or destination airport because of weather issues due to safety considerations , or airport being closed, Premier will notify client with as much advance notice as possible offering client alternative options. Options may include use of another nearby airport and/or another aircraft. Our top priority for every client is safety first and crew will take off or land aircraft at nearest available airport, complying with all FAA Regulations. Client shall bear all costs with any diversion due to weather or mechanical issue.

7. Can I bring my pet on board with me?

Depending upon the aircraft and carriers used, clients with pets such as a dog or cat, can usually bring them onboard. Most carriers prefer that they be brought in a carry on type of a mesh bag, of course depending upon the size of the animal.

8. What time do I need to get to airport?

All clients are advised to be at their designated departure airport at least 30 minutes before scheduled take off time they requested. If clients traveling with excessive luggage, or pets, they should arrive at least 45 minutes before scheduled departure time.