Essential Considerations For A Successful Air Charter Flight

Premier Corporate Jet provides luxury air charter services  both domestically and internationally on diverse fleets of aircraft available in North America and principal world destinations.    Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, Premier has the perfect aircraft for your individual needs & budget and is proud to offer a wide selection of aircraft.

Air charter is the unquestioned option for those discerning passengers who just cannot afford to waste time on scheduled commercial airlines.  Some of the perks offered on private aircraft include:  passengers choice of departure and /or arrival times that fit their schedules;  avoiding pre-departure wait time at the terminal;  eliminate long airport lines and endless check in requirements;  depart and arrive at private first class aviation terminals , all with private parking facilities; full concierge services available for limo’s, car rentals, and hotels available at most private terminals.

Air Charter Considerations

In creating a good air charter experience for our clientele, we look to service individual needs for each passenger, initially based on the total number of individuals traveling in the party and the size of the aircraft desired.   For clients with worries of security and staying on a fixed schedule, air charter travel is a powerful alternative to the controlled chaos of flying commercially.  For businessmen and celebrities in particular, flying on a private jet offers the individual a few hours of total privacy and tranquility and the convenience of a stress free flight.

Air Charter Flights

It has been our experience over the years that the following considerations are helpful to any client who wishes to charter a private jet:

Flexible Air Charter Scheduling

The majority of clients try to maintain an “on time” departure as originally booked by them with Premier.  However, unforeseen business or family issues may arise that can cause delays.  Usually, most aircraft can operate within a 30-45 min window of delay from a client on his/her scheduled departure.   Keeping in close contact with each client on any delay or conversely, their desire to leave earlier than booked requires steadfast attention and is priority One at Premier.   Such requests are accommodated , wherever practically feasible , and best handled with as much advance notice as possible.

Individual Passenger Needs

At Premier, we encourage all clients to ask as many questions as possible on all their charter needs. Whether it be exotic catering; multilingual flight attendants; specialized ground transportation arrangements; excess luggage requirements; pet accommodations;  limo, car rental or hotel needs; special flower arrangements for any event;  or any individual request that we can coordinate.   At the heart of our mission statement, is the drive  to provide unparalleled personal service for all our clients by accommodating all their needs and preferences.  We assume nothing and do all to anticipate every variable, as each charter is unique and always different from the next.

Be Prepared For The Unexpected

It is highly recommended to all passengers to try and adhere to their booked itineraries, but changes at the last minute can always be expected for any number of reasons.  It is therefore of the utmost importance that passengers know well, the carrier they have booked with, and can feel totally at home with the services they can expect.  Premier Corporate Jet is a leader in unparalleled service to its’ customers and maintains  the highest aviation standards possible.   Passengers are also advised to do their best in  adhering to restrictions on the number of pieces of luggage and weights, of course depending upon the total number of individuals in their party and the specific aircraft they have chartered.  But, here again, close personal attention to individual client needs should be planned out as much in advance as possible to ensure a smooth and enjoyable air charter experience.

On Board Service And Privacy

Clients should expect an impeccable on board environment free of distractions, in an atmosphere of privacy; including meeting all individual catering and personal requests.  We encourage all passengers to detail out all specific food needs and any restrictions on diet and foods that have to be avoided.  Additionally, Premier ensures that all aircraft carry the finest amenities along with advanced satellite and phone systems; optimal in flight entertainment systems;  as well as seasoned professional flight attendants when needed.

FAA & TSA  Rules

All clients are advised upon signing their Aircraft Charter Contract for the  specific aircraft they have chosen, all the rules & regulations that are applicable for their flight including all cancellation policies.  Additionally, they must understand that depending upon the size of the aircraft,  certain weights must apply on luggage and number of pieces per person.  Also, each passenger is required to present to the Captain of the chartered aircraft,  upon their arrival at the airport, a government issued Photo I.D., such as a passport or drivers license in order to board the aircraft. Passengers must understand that there are no exceptions to this rule mandated by the TSA at all airports.

Air Charter Safety Concerns

Clients are assured that all aircraft under contract with Premier, maintain the highest standards of safety. All crews meet or exceed FAA and airline standards with all aircraft, crews and management operations given full Platinum ratings by ARGUS and  PRISM.   We encourage any prospective new client to thoroughly investigate their respective carrier of choice and applicable industry ratings awarded to each .

Through the years, we at Premier have learned that relationships between passengers and their private carrier of choice is always a work in progress. In today’s complex domestic and global markets, attention to detail and client preferences is essential to ensure customer satisfaction and return business. Experience has shown us that aircraft charter works best when both client and carrier/broker successfully communicate all needs in a personal, informal manner, thus building strong trust & mutual respect.

You are now ready for a successful luxury air charter flight.

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