Contract Specs

Challenger 600 airplane image flying in the sky

1. Terms & Payment:  Client must approve and sign a Charter Contract Agreement and guarantee payment in advance with an American Express credit card. The card will be authorized initially for the approximate cost of the trip quoted and ultimately charged in full 48 hours prior to scheduled departure date. All final costs, including catering and special requested services and items, will be billed within 10 days of the completed charter. If client prefers to wire funds, detailed wire instructions would be provided at time of signing of Charter Contract Agreement, with understanding that collected funds would be on deposit in the Premier Corporate Jet bank account no later than 48 hours before scheduled departure date.

2.  Cancellation Policies:  All bookings confirmed on a specific aircraft to be used for domestic travel in the U.S., must be canceled in writing no later than 48 hours prior to departure date and within 72 hours on all international flights. If any flight canceled within 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of the booked aircraft, the cancellation fee shall be any direct costs incurred by Premier Corporate Jet in addition to 100% of the contracted charter amount quoted. ONE WAY priced charters must be prepaid in full at time of booking and are 100% NON REFUNDABLE.

3. Travel Documents Required:  Customers & their guests shall be solely responsible for having in their possession all required travel documents for flights, including passports, visas, drivers license and any additional documents requested by Premier. The customer & their guests must display their respective photographic identifications to the Pilot in command of the aircraft prior to each flight. If passengers are minors, proper documentation will be required in advance for proof of custody while in travel. These are strict TSA & FAA regulations, & there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

4. Private   Terminals:  Customers & their guests booked on private Charters will depart from private aircraft  facilities ( not commercial terminals); information for which will be provided to them by Premier including full address, telephone numbers and directions as needed. Most of these terminals world wide provide first class services including lounges, complimentary drinks; car rental & limo services and concierge services for hotels if needed.

5. Weather or Mechanical Delays:  In the event aircraft cannot land at destination airport because of weather issues, for safety reasons, or due to airport being closed, the crew will land aircraft at the nearest available airport, complying with all FAA regulations. Customer shall bear all costs associated with the diversion. In the event of a mechanical issue, Premier will accommodate customer on a similarly priced aircraft or Carrier.

6. Aircraft Availability:  Premier Corporate Jet is contracted with various domestic and worldwide Platinum ARGUS* Carriers, that maintain fleets of Hawker, Falcon, Lear and Gulfstream Jets, among many others.  Smaller turbo prop and single engine aircraft are also available for short haul charters.


*ARGUS is an industry rating system for private flight carriers who maintain within their respective flight departments, Safety Management Systems; Emergency Response Plans; and the highest standards and records for all aspects of Maintenance, Operations and Pilot Training.