Challenger 300 Air Charter Flying Upwards

Premier Corporate Jet – Where Service Is Priority One.

Premier Corporate Jet is a privately held premium aviation services Company, based in Southampton, N Y for 20 years with affiliate offices in Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA. Our management team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals with many years of experience in aircraft charter, management and maintenance services.  Our excellence is seen in our dedication to client satisfaction, aviation service details and recognition of providing individual one on one customer support throughout the entire charter experience.

Over the course of building our business, we have found that all clients have their own unique and personal requirements for their individual private charter.  The key to our success is in our ability to learn what that is.  Flying and obtaining an aircraft is a process that any operator can do.  However, listening to the clients, meeting with them individually when possible and remembering the details while servicing their needs is what Premier Corporate Jet holds as priority one.

Premier Corporate Jet’s mission is to leverage the collective experience from our team of aviation professionals to provide the highest quality services to our clients.  We provide those services while being mindful of safety, efficiency, privacy and respect for one another in the performance of our duties.

At Premier Corporate Jet we understand that time is the most valuable asset of our clients.  Premier Corporate Jet’s unparalleled aviation services ensures individual attention to each customer, in addition to minimal travel times by providing complete air charter solutions with direct access to worldwide destinations.