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Charter Aircraft Prices

Hourly Rates **

Global Express                                                                                                                  $8,500/hr

Gulfstream V                                                                                                                      $7,650/hr

Falcon 900EX                                                                                                                    $5,600/hr

Challenger 600                                                                                                                  $4,300/hr

Hawker 800XP                                                                                                                  $4,150/hr

Citation Excel                                                                                                                     $2,950/hr

Lear 60                                                                                                                               $2,850/hr

King Air B 200                                                                                                                   $1,400/hr

Gulfstream V Carter Jet Interior** NOTE – Rates advertised are based on current industry prices for fuel, and are negotiable depending upon the carriers used.  Also, due to the volatility of fuel prices, rates are subject to change according to market conditions at time of flight.

Quotations do not include catering, flight attendants, ground transportation, flight phones, federal excise and segment taxes, fuel surcharges, crew accommodations, de-icing or any unforeseen applicable costs.

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